At the launch of the project In September 2013, Petra Bognár metalwork designer student (MOME) was thinking in terms of a set of toys. The residents of Keljfel-erdő (Bounce Back Forest) are balancing, bounce back toy-like figures (bear, rabbit, fox, rooster, elephant, deer) made of natural materials, primarily for children. In the course of the one-year MOME+ mentoring process the initiative changed fundamentally: the original idea and objects remained, but the designers included further professional fields and moved focus to new target groups, thus creating a cross-media project. In the world of ODU, the physical balance of the bounce back figures with unique personalities are linked to the mental balance of the users, and the design objects are completed with psychological, communication and literary messages. New team members joined through the MOME+ project and helped in content and image development: Ildikó Boldizsár fairytale therapist, Katalin Boromissza graphic design student and Zsolt Ficsór photography student. Following one year of intensive development, ODU is now on the brink of its market launch.

"Petra’s sensitivity and confident expertise provided the perfect basis for developing the product through revising the context. The ODU figurines are now not only wooden toys but elements of a very exciting, interdisciplinary cross-media project as well. It was an inspiring and interesting voyage, and a mutual learning experience." - Réka Matheidesz, mentor

Petra Bognár, Katalin Boromissza, Zsolt Ficsór, Ildikó Boldizsár