Goga Food Design

The MOME graduate Góg sisters, media designer Emese and product designer Angéla joined the MOME+ program with the intention of expanding the profile of their café-gallery called Műhely, established in 2011. In the fourth year of the café’s operation, run in cooperation with their mother, the idea to diversify was a natural step forward to Emese, in charge of cultural programs, and Angéla who manufactures her own gastronomy product line. After assessing individual wishes, opportunities and inspirations, however, the initial objective changed: the new goal was building Angéla’s own business with active support from the rest of the family. In addition to providing supplier and catering services, Goga Food Design is a great creative platform for its manager as an innovative forum of food styling and design; with the required separate headquarters to be opened in 2015. The organic transformation of the initial program goals serves as a great example: in order to fulfill our dreams, directing our energy towards discovering ourselves is just as important as a business plan or market research.

"A few conversations were enough to reveal the real personal motivations that are not aimed at complying with external conditions but really serve Emese and Angéla’s self-realization. Later on I was able to experience Goga Food Design’s creativity as a client as well: I purchased Angéla’s Love Cookies for my friends for Christmas, and it was a huge success!" - Zsuzsa Szepesi, mentor

Angéla Góg