The object of this project development mentorship is Baristum, an MA thesis work that was still secret at the launch of the MOME+ project. Péter Toronyi designer took the principle of his earlier, internationally renowned work Papr!kum, and developed a compact coffee grinder-coffee maker appliance that operates without electricity, simply through shaking. In the course of two semesters in the MOME+ program, the designer and Barnabás Szabó mentor analyzed the market placement of this innovative product. In addition to product development, Péter Toronyi undertook management supervision as well, thus the mentor served as an important source of inspiration through his personal example beyond sharing professional and business knowledge. After the thesis exam in the summer of 2014, Baristum was introduced to the public, and was launched on the market in accordance with the business plan prepared in mentoring.

"Péter was able to make a clear decision between being a manager or a designer. He also learned the importance of administrative and accounting tasks in a startup business. And I could experience again how desire and vision can be so strong that it may feel sensible to skip seemingly important steps, and that focusing on things that move the project forward, grabbing instantaneous opportunities can be more important than a stable foundation. Because it is quicker." - Barnabás Szabó, mentor

Péter Toronyi