CUB Animation Studio

Bálint Gelley and Bella Szederkényi had been planning to establish an independent animation workshop for a long time, and MOME+ gave them the final push to do it. The goal is to create a platform for young Hungarian animation designers, which focuses on producing original content while offering participants a protective bubble and growth opportunities. The idea developed into reality in just one year: a company was founded that manages an independent studio space, and in addition to the stable annual budget, several film designs, advertising jobs and two competition-winning pilot episodes were created. The mentor played an important role in this process: the cooperation with her grew beyond the time scope of the MOME+ program. CUB is building on its established domestic and international network and plans to invite outside financing, and it has a definitely positive outlook.

"I like Bella and Bálint’s healthy self-confidence. As the name CUB suggests: they are young carnivores who know that they can ‘attack’ in any direction from Hungary with their skills." - Dr. Ildikó Katalin Takács, mentor

Bálint Gelley, Bella Szederkényi