Jam Session EXTRA

MOME+ Jam Session EXTRA

A lecture by Ilan Mor, Ambassador of Israel to Hungary

At the MOME+ Jam Session EXTRA event, Israeli ambassador Ilan Mor gave a lecture on the new visual identity of the Israeli state and start-up incubation in Israel, followed by the introduction of two MOME Alumni start-ups. The ambassador also took part, with angel investor and start-up expert György Simó, in the following roundtable discussion, moderated by Kriszta Csala, head of the Design Terminal mentoring program.

April 19, 2016, 18:00
Location: MOME Auditorium

Invited guests:

  • Ilan Mor - Ambassador of Israel to Hungary
  • György Simó - angel investor, start-up expert


  • Kriszta Csala - Design Terminal mentoring program