Jam Session #5

MOME+ Jam Session #5

The Designer and Entrepreneurship: Experiences of creative industry enterprises

The discussion held on 12th March dealt with starting up and running a business enterprise. It is a question that intrigues all emerging (and seasoned) designers. When should I launch an enterprise? What are the greatest challenges of entering the market? Should I do it on my own or as a team member? When, from what kind of resources can I develop my enterprise? These questions were discussed with the invited guests, representing both the expert and designer sides.

AIn 2016, MOME+ continued the series of thematic discussions launched in the previous year. In the spring semester, six closely related topics were offered for participants to consider and discuss together. A common denominator for these topics was the successful kickoff and development of a designer’s career.

April 12, 2016, 18:00
Location: |3| (Three Bar), Kazinczy utca 3, Budapest

Invited guests:

  • Dóri Tomcsányi – Dori Tomcsanyi
  • András Oravecz and Endre Nándor Tóth - REMION Design
  • András Törcsi and Ákos Schneider – SOMNIUM STUDIO
  • László Radácsi, PhD. – consultant, SmartLab manager>/li>


  • Judit Osvárt - design expert, project leader of Budapest Design Week

Discussion partners:

  • Pál Koós - associate professor, head of MOME Design Institute, MOME+ project manager
  • Andrea Schmidt - assistant professor, MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies, MOME+ project coordinator