Jam Session #7

MOME+ Jam Session #7

Closing Party + “Youth in Design” roundtable discussion

This time the MOME+ Jam Session moved to a new location, Anker’t, to wrap up the MOME+ 2016/2017 season with a fantastic party which provided an opportunity to discuss experiences, raise issues and celebrate together! Here we could also introduce the latest publications of Budapest Design Map and Start Up Guide, while the brand TATZ Temporary Designer Tattoos helped us took participants by surprise.

Before the party, as a contribution to World Design Day (and its theme, Youth in Design), we organized a roundtable with Budapest Design Week to discuss the social responsibility of emerging designers and new approaches to social design.

In 2016, MOME+ continued the series of thematic discussions launched in the previous year. In the spring semester, six closely related topics were offered for participants to consider and discuss together. A common denominator for these topics was the successful kickoff and development of a designer’s career.

June 29, 2016, 20:00
Location: Anker't, Paulay Ede utca 33, Budapest

The concept of design underwent a transformation and gained a broader sense in the past few decades: from functional object design, it has become a problem-solving process and approach which manifest in human-centered and socially responsive strategies improving the quality of life. The guests invited to this roundtable discussion are young Hungarian designers who create in the realm where social responsibility and design overlap.

Invited guests:

  • Dani Szalkai - Maacraft: The social workshop
  • Márkó Czigány - B-terv
  • Alberto Vasquez - igendesign
  • Anna Daubner - Anna Daubner


  • Éva Tornyánszki - co-founder, Kultúrgorilla