Sustainable Community Involvement

Klára Murányi is interested in community events responding to local problems, organized by and for the people affected, local communities. Studying various cases and situations, this MOME+ project focused on creating a model that offers answers to individual and general issues related to events with diverse backgrounds, objectives and target groups, ranking from efficient community organization to funding options. The research included topics such as participation, communication, financial planning and controlling. During the one-year mentoring process and since then several community events have been organized using the knowledge and experience gained, from Hanukia, a community meeting point, through the soccer gala through the urban walks responding to sociocultural problems.

"Mission-oriented, active, creative. She may have even scared me if she was not so inclusive and nice at the same time. It is a cliché but it applies: we learned a lot from each other. Thanks for the opportunity!" - Dr. Viktória Bodnár, mentor

Klára Murányi