InnerUs is a personally motivated project by Fruzsina Gaál animation designer. It was originally an idea for a short film in 2006, which developed into a transmedia project over time. Its various aspects enable users to face their real emotions and express them visually. The project’s centrepiece is a mobile application, the prototype completed in 2013 displays the user’s emotional state using a selectable silhouette and a montage of InnerUs figures. The app is a self-tracking tool through which users can track their emotional changes over time, even in a calendar format. The application can be used for practicing cognitive behavioural therapy as well.

"This was not the first program I participated in as a mentor, but MOME’s former and current students create a very different pool from the traditional startup world. This may be one of the reasons I was especially excited to start working with Fruzsi. The whole process was incredibly inspiring, and I am happy if I could encourage and help her with a few ideas!" - Judit Grósz, mentor

Fruzsina Gaál