The Kultúrgorilla collective was founded by four design and art management students at MOME during their university years in order to gain more experience in the practical aspect of their study major. The focus of their vision is a liveable city based on sharing and self-organization where design plays an inevitable and crucial role. Kultúrgorilla works on improving the quality of urban life through sustainable and social design, and searches for ways to democratize design. The collective’s first acclaimed professional event was organized for the 2012 Budapest Design Week. In the MOME+ program they focused on organizational development: they searched for an efficient operational framework for the arbitrarily developing group of friends. The one-year mentoring process contributed to strategic decisions: the collective founded the Kultúrgorilla Association, and an external supporter-participant group formed beside the three-member core team. Kultúrgorilla expanded its professional network significantly, and an internal project assessment system was put in place. In addition to organizational development, the mentoring process involved personality development and team building as well.

"Three girls, three unique characters with numerous exciting and individual goals. How can they make Kultúrgorilla sustainable? What sacrifices do they need to make and where is there no room for compromise? These are the questions we worked through together." - Zoltán Kelemen, mentor

Anna Göttler, Júlia Oravecz, Éva Tornyánszki