The studio was founded in February 2014 by three photography students, a media design student and a design and art management student at MOME. The goal, in accordance with the interests of the group of friends, was to establish a diverse community-workshop-business focusing on photography and video, with additional graphics and music services. Tamás Szalai’s organizational management expertise helped forge a complex professional team capable of undertaking serious jobs by the end of the one-year mentoring process. The studio simultaneously developed its corporate portfolio and soon attracted clients like Magyar Telekom, McDonald’s, DDB Budapest (advertising agency) or the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK). The process yielded positive results, including the creation of a more efficient operational model and cooperative projects with several other MOME+ participants.

"András, Attila, Soma and Ákos – the three photographers and the art manager-art theorist wanted everything and even more. I tried to work with the guys in building some sort of structure, economic and organizational consciousness around their talent, or at least to lay the foundations for that." - Tamás Szalai, mentor

Jankovics Zo, Attila Kozó, Soma Rétfalvi, Ákos Schneider, András Törcsi