Jam Session #4

MOME+ Jam Session #4

The Designer and Self-Fulfillment: What can be the use of knowing yourself?

The discussion held on 8th March focused on the theme of self-fulfillment. It is the dream of all emerging (and seasoned) designers. What do you have that helps to accomplish it? What do you lack? The factor of success we cannot grasp is our identity and the motivation it nurtures. You have to know yourself, keep on learning, and be aware. This is the INSIDE. On the other hand, the OUTSIDE is the ever-changing environment, challenges of the future, and the abilities needed to cope with them. Do you possess these abilities? What are these traits, anyway? How can you acquire and develop such skills and abilities? These questions were discussed with the invited guests, representing both the communication/consultation expert and designer sides.

In 2016, MOME+ continued the series of thematic discussions launched in the previous year. In the spring semester, six closely related topics were offered for participants to consider and discuss together. A common denominator for these topics was the successful kickoff and development of a designer’s career.

March 8, 2016, 18:00
Location: |3| (Three Bar), Kazinczy utca 3, Budapest

Invited guests:

  • Zsuzsa Szepesi – coach
  • Katalin Pataki - communication expert, senior trainer, coach, GROW Group member
  • András Mikó– coach
  • Angéla Góg– food designer, MOME+ mentee


  • Judit Osvárt - design expert, project leader of Budapest Design Week

Discussion partners:

  • Pál Koós - associate professor, head of MOME Design Institute, MOME+ project manager
  • Andrea Schmidt - assistant professor, MOME Institute for Theoretical Studies, MOME+ project coordinator